The newest design in CBD harvesting headers has arrived!

Mounts to common tractors

15', 18' and 24' widths available

Works with row and mass planted hemp fields

Cuts at 6" up to 15' heigh

No additional cutting or thrashing of plants

Gentle on plants to protect CBD oils

Wide draper belt catches plant material and loads it into a truck

Oversized reel prevents wrapping


Hemp Harvesting Solution for CBD Crops and Other Hemp Products



Dual Head Harvesters and
Single Headed Harvesters


Built on growers existing power units, our harvesting headers are quickly attached and removed so the tractor can return to tillage or other farming projects without delay. Set up, harvest, detach, and continue to work all in a single afternoon. There is no need to buy a dedicated machine for a harvest that will sit and take up space for months out of a year! Simply add the header units to your already existing machinery.

Hemp fiber can be very hard on a combine and wrap-up around internal parts. Downtime to remove wrapped and stalled equipment is costly. In addition, many combine manufacturers do not recommend harvesting hemp with a combine as dust can be flammable. Reduce costs and increase safety during harvest with equipment that doesn't have points for fiber to wrap, or enclosed spaces for dust combustion.

Increase Collection of CBD Oil Harvesting

Power Zone's harvesting units are designed to be gentle on trichomes. Unlike combines, this equipment is gentle on crops, simply cutting the top of the plant and transferring it into a collector of your choice. There is no beating of the flowers or fans that will blow trichomes out of your collection.

Increase Harvesting Speed

With header sizes of 8 to 25 feet, harvesting can be completed at speeds of up to 12 acres per hour. With all adjustable speeds, the unit can be dialed in for maximum efficiency for a particular crop or field. Most adjustments can be made from inside the tractor cab. Headers are left open for easy viewing of the harvest and conveyor speeds.

Simplicity and Trust

Headers are sickle knife driven with the same components of major header brands including John Deere, Case, Agco, MacDon, and New Holland. Replacement parts can be found easily from local equipment dealers if needed. Attachment and detachment to tractors are made with standard components. There are no special pieces needed!


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