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Jan 22, 2018                                                                              

HempLogic is deploying a mobile hemp decortication system in 2018, expanding the capacity for farmers to grow and process hemp for fiber in 20 states.

Kicking off for this year’s growing season HempLogic will deploy a large-scale fully contained mobile hemp fiber decortication system, allowing hemp farmers to finally have a fiber processing facility in their own state.

HempLogic, PowerZone Agriculture and Schiavi Seeds have collaborated to build this revolutionary industrial hemp program. This will include the building of innovative industrial hemp harvesting equipment, supplying superior genetic industrial hemp seed for planting, and providing viable hemp processing and a marketplace for commercial farmers across the nation.

This program is specifically designed for farmers that want to farm industrial hemp but have no processing facilities available.  HempLogic believes that this mobile decordication and hemp market program will open up a billion dollar industrial hemp industry across the United States.  This will benefit hemp farmers throughout NorthAmerica whether they are growing for food, fiber, or for CBD flower production.

Using 2018 current contracts, HempLogic is forecasting the partnerships in the first 20 states to be built out and in full production by the year 2019. In 2019 they will have the capacity to contract with farmers to produce:

30,000 ton/yr of hemp fiber stock and hurd "first mill" products and services.

10,000 ton /yr in leaf and flower chaff products and services for CBD extractors.

50,000 kilos of CBD "Cannabinoid" related products and services.

5000 acres of custom farming contracts for CBD flower for extraction clients.

5000 ton/yr worth of USA grown hemp food related products and services.

HempLogic states that they have contracts in place with current fiber, food and CBD extraction clients. This drove their decision to move into the 20 states growing industrial hemp. HempLogic’s plan entails nurturing the interested states to grow into the demand without having to spend capital building out a static processing location.

The mobile Genesis Decorticator built by PowerZone Agriculture is designed to handle over 10,000 acres of hemp fiber, which HempLogic projects to process in 2019. Schiavi Seeds used in this program are genetically-superior and ASOCA certified hemp fiber varieties.

HempLogic is actively interviewing commercial hemp farmers in all states.

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